The sierra safari
Testing my new expedition Gears
Written by antoine Laurens   
Thursday, 06 September 2012 19:05

testing the new altirando 2 from Supair

The Expedition is On the GO
Written by Antoine Laurens   
Friday, 27 July 2012 17:43

So We are.......In a little bit more than one month, i will take off for America.

Objectif, crossing the Sierra ( the rocky mountain) with my mates, on a super bivy-flight....1000 miles would be the dreamed score.

I have not met the guys for the last two years....the last time i saw Brad and Eric, we were discussing wich way to go on a windy ridge in East Nepal....We had cros the entire Himalayan Range from the Pakistan Boarder till this East Nepal, so dry and so strong. This day, i left them and decide to fly south west and get back to civilisation....they stayed 2 motre days and 30 km further, and decide as well that conditions were not any more fun......That s how we finished our Himalayan Odyssey in 2010, after an Epic 1400 km "vol Bivouac"

First of his kind.

So The next moment i ll see the guys, we will be in Eric's house, in San Francisco, the 10/11/12 ready to fight with the Sierra, and try to , again, have the greatest adventures possible on Earth with a paraglide.

So i will let you know as much as the network will let me post on this blog and on the facebook page

Thanks to all the sponsors and for sure a special dedicace to Sup'Air compagny who decided to renew the sponsorship with us  for another great trip.

Read you soon.


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