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The team arrived in Egypt
Written by Thomas De Dorlodot   
Tuesday, 20 December 2011 23:25

Great Pyramids of GizaThe team landed in Alexandria.

It has been more than a year that the idea came out. Why not to cross Africa form North to South in Search of secret flying spots ? We have been preparing this trip for so long and the last two months were pretty epic… So many things to think about. So many details to fix. After tons of vaccines, paperwork and a very long checklists we where finally ready to go. The trip to Egypt is short but the contrast with Europe is huge. It is snowing hard in Belgium while it is 20° and sunny In Alexandria. The beauty of aviation… It really feels great to finally be here.

We spent our first day in the city with Adel, our friend and local Red Bull contact. He came with around 200 Red Bull cans as a welcome present. We are covered.

The next day we where supposed to go to the harbor in order to get our vehicles. Sadly, they told us that the boat was stuck somewhere at sea as a result of the bad weather that stroked Europe last week. Not much to do, the boat will arrive with a 4 days delay. No worries, we are not in a hurry, and it will buy us some time to try to get some flying authorizations. For this, we decided to go to Cairo. We took a local train. That’s where I really started to feel that we were traveling: the train still work on diesel here and it is pretty rusty, it works fine though and it arrived on time. Once in Cairo we decided to visit the great Pyramids of Giza. Something you have to see once in a lifetime. We were really impressed. We had our first flat tyre of the trip on the way back to the hotel. Our taxi was probably more than 40 years old. Olivier changed the wheel in less than 4 minutes while the taxi driver was asking himself why his client was fixing his car… This will arrive at least a few times during the trip, it seems that we are ready for it. It would be great to get our Amarok and the assistance truck out of the boat thursday. Today we plan to visit the Cairo tower and meet some officials to try to get flying authorizations. Fingers crossed.

Blue skies & soft landings,

Stay tuned.


Let's go !
Written by Clement Latour   
Monday, 19 December 2011 14:11

Breaking news today : our VW Amarok will arrive with a 4 days delay. The boat got stuck due to bad weather in the Mediterranean sea. This evening we travelled by train to Cairo to prepare the next days... Stay tuned.



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