Above Hunza
I have my plane ticket... :-)
Written by Thomas De Dorlodot   
Tuesday, 19 April 2011 16:48

Hi all,

Today was a good day, the preparation of the expedition goes well, we are getting ready and preparing all the gears. With one month to go, I feel that everything is going on time. The new harness I will use for XC flight just arrived at my place. I am looking forward to fly it. It is super light and has a great look. Next week the mountain gears will arrive (tents, gloves,...), an also the gliders... I have the visa, the cameras, the oxigen botles...
Our only concern is Veso's visa. It looks super complicated to get. We are doing the best to get it on time.

I will keep you posted soon,



Description of the project Above Hunza...
Written by Thomas de Dorlodot   
Tuesday, 05 April 2011 17:08

In Mai 2010, 4 of the worlds top acrobatic paragliders along with a specialist photographer and dedicated cinematographer will leave their hometowns across the world and meet for the first time in Pakistan. Horacio Llorens, Hernan Pitocco, Veso Ovcharov & Thomas de Dorlodot will embark on a journey north to the remote Hunza Valley where they intend to break the world altitude record and perform a synchronized acrobatic dance over the Karakorum glaciers testing their teamwork and bodies like never before. During their travel through Pakistan they will embrace the local cultures and be testing each other’s personalities.

Located in the northern territory of Pakistan, the Hunza Valley exposes an amazing, yet treacherous panorama that is only suited to the most committed pilots. It stretches the northern length of the Himalayas and poses an incredible and unique location for the sport. The sheer scale of the mountains create an immense amount of thermal heat which allow the pilots to reach record breaking heights of over 8,000 meters above sea level. We belive that here is no other place in the world these heights can be reached.

The Hunza valley is popularly believed to be the inspiration for the mythical valley of Shangri-la in James Hilton's 1933 novel Lost Horizon. As one travels up on the Karakoram Highway, the beautiful sceneries keep on revealing themselves. Prior to the early 20th century, the people of the Hunza valley are said to have had an average lifespan of 100. This group of people were highly associated with nature, especially regarding dieting habits and lifestyle. They highly acknowledged the apricot seed, using it as currency. The Hunza valley is frequently referred to as Shangri La, and is also known as "The Valley Where you Live Forever".

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