Winter training session in Centro America.
Written by Thomas de Dorlodot   
Friday, 15 April 2011 16:00

Hi all, I would have enough stories to write an entire book about this trip... I arrived 2 and a half months ago in Valle de Bravo (Mexico) for XC training. I had great weather conditions and flew some distance almost everyday... This place is just amazing and there is a lots of pilots to fly with from all around the world... A lot of fun and a great spirit there. After 2 weeks there and already 35 hours of flight under my belt I decided to go to Tapalpa near Guadalajara. Great valley and strong thermal conditions.. Just as we like it :-). I had the chance to get great weather conditions and I broke the distance record of "la Ceja" take off, flying 120km de very first day I was there... That is what I called "being at the right place at the right moment" except that later I landed near a town well know to be the "base camp" of the "Familia", the most violent gang of Mexico. I had to hide in a truck to get out of town and to make it back at La Ceja where everyone was pretty worried for me.. Those 4 weeks, were great to get back under my wing. I am super happy about my glider, it is a great compromise for the Red Bull X Alps. I am looking forward for the super light version of that Avax XC3. Later my friend Horacio Llorens joined me and we started to fly acro as much as we could. It is not the exact Red Bull X Alps training but it surely gives me more confidence to fly in very harsh conditions. We practiced som roll over from a bridge (I might use that this summer if I do not have other take off options...haha..), B.A.S.E, and flew paramotor above the ruins of Tikal. We had a great time and did a lot of flying. I am now going back to the flatlands of Belgium to get more involved into the physical preparation. I will post some films and more pix as soon as I have done some computer work. :-) Blue skies and soft landings, Tom

Pix credits: Marcos Ferro.



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