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Dernières nouvelles
Wednesday, 03/09/2011 09:25 AM Mountain Ski Tour Clem and Laurent Chiabaud burning the candle at bo

Yesterday, after a hard working day, Clement went to Pras de Lys with his friend Laurent (Supair manager). They took part in the Mountain Ski Tour Challenge ( but in a very relaxed way!

Because training isn't only about "collant pipette" style ;o)


Monday, 03/07/2011 10:22 AM Week end in Fiesch and Verbier Good flying conditions!

This week end Team FRA3 took the camping car to discover Switzerland!

With Phiphi Barnier (FRA2) and Tom Payne, former Xalps survivor, we went flying to Fiesch on Saturday and to Verbier on Sunday.


Conditions were awesome and Clem could do his first testflights of his latest harness proto and brand new Skywalk Poison3!



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